About Holm

Holm Developments balances pragmatism and passion in equal measure to bring leading architects, designers, and contractors together to create exclusive, prestige properties. With a career spanning almost two decades across both construction and development with senior roles on a local and international scale, Managing Director and founder Godfrey Esmonde brings a wealth of experience to every project. Godfrey holds degrees in Applied Science and Business Management and a Queensland Open Builders License. With the support of an experienced team of professionals and exceptional consultants, Holm combines broad skill sets to deliver exceptional outcomes for all parties.

Buying a Holm residence is the start of a relationship.

Relationships are key to us. Without you we cannot follow and deliver on our ambitions to create properties people want to call home. Once you start this journey with us expect to be listened to, heard, and most importantly responded to. We look forward to hearing from you.